no-one-seesyou-likeido asked:

Hi! :) I just saw that you responded underneath one of Jenn's posts about that article with Kreisberg refferring to L/O as Clois. Thank you guys for helping me to cool off. I've never doubted any of them but I love O/F so much that I freaked out that they're going to stick to S1 plan in the end. I mean, beyond everything else Clois was always been the one endgame that doesn't change. But you were all right at your points? Do you happen to have Kreisberg's interview when he backtracked on it?

fromfanontocanon answered:

Sorry this took so long. Writing Let It Be Me has been time consuming! Thanks for the ask.

Kreisberg never backtracked on it. When Lauren Brown (Doc Brown TV) mentioned how it was received, he simply stated that he was surprised how it was taken. I think he meant Lois and Clark in terms of them catching criminals, which they are pushing through with in S3. I don’t think it was about the romance between the two characters, but about the partnership. BIG DIFFERENCE. Personally, I think Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic is a lot more Lois and Clark, but whatever…Kreisberg is welcome to his own interpretation of the show he’s writing (even though, let’s face it, he’s wrong) :-).

The reason I am not worried about a L/O endgame is because the current set-up of Arrow is very heavily Olicity focused. It’s pretty much all the writers, producers, and networks tease on Twitter and Facebook. Felicity is simply a more popular character than Laurel. If you look at the likes of Stephen’s Facebook page, you’ll see how popular Olicity and Felicity are. We have Berlanti talking about how Felicity represents a whole different life for Oliver, Guggenheim saying he thinks they’re in love, Kreisberg referring to EBR and SA’s chemistry as “literally insane.” In that interview, he also stresses that to him, Chloe and Clark were never romantic, NOT LIKE OLIVER AND FELICITY. Then you have Stephen saying the romance with Sara and Laurel are ships that have sailed. ALL THIS IS AFTER THE KREISBERG LOIS AND CLARK INTERVIEW where he said he was surprised by how people meant it (which I take to mean it was NOT meant romantically). 

I know the L/O shippers are saying not everyone loves Olicity. That’s true. But there’s no way to convince me it’s not their most popular ship, far more popular than Lauriver, or that Felicity is not the more well liked, more popular character. And as for the fan pandering argument, at this point, they’d be pandering to comic book fans to go with a Laurel-Oliver endgame that just doesn’t work for the show, pushing a pairing that lacks the spark and chemistry that comes naturally to Oliver and Felicity, a sentiment a greater majority of the audience shares.

But—and this might be unpopular opinion—at some point, we all need to let go of what we think is endgame on Arrow. I know that’s hard and I know it’s painful to consider it might not be Olicity (spoiler: it IS going to be Olicity) but here’s the thing: Olicity is endgame to me. PERIOD. How the show chooses to end Arrow will never change what I envision for Oliver and Felicity. 

That’s what makes them my OTP.